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Episode 53 – Season Two, What’s New

Happy Birthday to the show!! Season 2 kicks off with some hot topics and of course, some laughs!

  • Harden and Durant, who needs Kyrie
  • Brees looks horrible
  • Brady looks good
  • Mahomes looks dizzy
  • March Madness is ON
  • Interracial couples in commercials overload
  • Door Dash vs Uber Eats vs Pickup
  • Who orders a DNA kit for the entire family

Episode 52 – What If…

Happy Birthday to the show!! 1 year in the bag and 2021 is already off to an action packed, drama filled start!

  • NBA scraps bubble and becomes NCAA Basketball Part 2
  • NFL – Seahawks, please stop making the playoffs
  • Taco Bell customer service adventure
  • The Rich & Famous people are extensively using “Everything’s On The Table”
  • Unfortunately, let’s talk about the US Capitol Building riot

Episode 51.21 – T&J Investing

By popular demand, Tre and Jay tackle investing. The guys actually give out a cheat code during the episode to make investing easy!

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Electronically Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • When to buy and when to sell
  • Timing the market
  • The next Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Tesla