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Episode 75 – Working After Covid

When are people returning to work after Covid? Will you be required to physically go back to the office?

  • Roy Firestone cries
  • Nationwide insurance scam
  • Win guns and cash for getting a covid vaccine
  • Amazon Sidewalk opt-in

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Episode 74 – Giving Up the Goods

Guest appearance by Bee talking about intimacy. Men, when is it ok to NOT have sex? Do men ever turn down sex?

  • Watson Bootygate likely to be resolved in 22 22??
  • NBA playoff attacks
  • When can men deny sex

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Episode 73 – A Kids Perspective

Parenting should not be as hard as we are making it. Tips from the team will help make parenting easy!

  • Why the NBA playoffs suck
  • Phil is a miracle
  • National Missing Childrens Day
  • Kids with married parents vs kids with separated parents

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