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Episode 35 – Welcome Back Football

The fellas apologized on air for the sports love shown this week.

  • Is Tom Brady a top 5 NFL QB
  • Did MLB stop reporting covid cases?
  • Clippers allow Nuggets back into the series
  • Why is Kyle Lowry the best player for the Raptors?
  • Coin shortage, really?

Episode 34 – Virtual Classrooms

Working from home, school from home, why do we suck so bad at this?

  • TAJ Saving You Money – extended warranties
  • Coach will NOT make covid test results available
  • Blurred background issues in video chat

Episode 31 – Family Dinners

Are family dinners still a thing? Would they help or hurt society as we know it?

  • MLB has more corona
  • NHL player says screw the playoffs
  • NBA – Gentry fired, no Zion in the playoffs … was the restart warmup season necessary
  • Tiger Jr. wins a tournament
  • Logo in kid’s nose for 2 years
  • Family Dinners … You just have to listen