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Episode 16 – Random Things

Come sit down around the table as this all-star episode features what the fellas do best … random things!

  • Prescott still looking for money while the Red Rocket cashes in
  • Black AF vs Tiger King
  • Detroit Lions sexually explicit logo design
  • Food Dog vs Food Lion
  • Where’s the Beef

Episode 15 – Automatic Withdrawals

Essential products delivered … WHOA!! Automatic withdrawals by bad acting companies and more.

  • Last Dance – not all about Michael Jordan
  • Gym auto bank drafting, cable companies and automobile insurance still charging in covid
  • If you are under 55, should you still have cable
  • Dildo order delivered as an essential item
  • Big butts telling lies
  • AAA gets an F

Episode 14 – Covid-19 Openings

Join the crew as we address more irresponsible citizens and happenings as the country decides to open up.

  • Pork chops and covid
  • Covid citations
  • Can you get covid twice
  • is 6 feet far enough for social distancing
  • Over-cleaning is leading to people poisoning themselves.