Episode 56 – T&J Talk Dating

The best dating apps and dating websites discussed. How to make a profile that will help land Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Episode 55 – Customer Service

The team places a call to Cox Customer Service (or lack thereof) and then head over to Zoom to take some online classes.

  • Scotty Miller outruns Tyreek Hill
  • Superbowl Picks – Tampa Bay upset
  • NCSU ladies beat #1 AGAIN
  • Stafford vs Goff vs Watson
  • Whole wheat Poptarts without icing

Episode 54 – R.I.P. Kobe

The team pays respect to Kobe on the anniversary of the deaths of Kobe and 8 others in a tragic helicopter crash.

  • Phillip Rivers retires with top 5 numbers in all NFL QB categories … Hall of Fame?
  • 22,000 fans at the Super Bowl
  • What championships did the state of Florida win last year
  • Covid sniffing dogs
  • Jamal Murray is a Nutcracker
  • Spanking kids, when should you do it
  • Why are gyms and hotels still charging full price