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Episode 59 – Mail Call

Wow, what a show! The guys sit around the table this week and chopped up the convo about the NBA, Amazon Prime Time theft, Tiger Woods car crash and more.

  • Tiger Woods has major leg injuries
  • Alex Smith says they didn’t want me
  • Where to go for good drivers
  • Cam Newton sucks even more

Episode 58 – Post Valentine’s Day on the Table

Join your favorite tag team, back again, talkin and goin on tangents. Be prepared for shock and awe when you sit down at the table for this episode!

  • How America has solved racism
  • People with both shots of the vaccine are sick
  • Shot envy (people without the shot wishing they had the shot!)
  • NFL Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Shame, O.J. Simpson is the blame
  • Valentine’s Day 2021 Rating

Episode 57 – TB12

The GOAT was at it again as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened up a can of Whup Ass on the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Why Tom Brady is NOT the GOAT
  • Best Superbowl commercials
  • 7 million dollar halftime show
  • NCAA tournament could be the best ever
  • Wentz, Prescott, Watson and Andrew Luck interested in going to Panthers
  • Jay and Tre discuss waterboarding
  • How to increase drive through order accuracy percentage